Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things that I am a little bit obsessed with #1: Nautical EVERYTHING

First of all, I'd like to note that my closet is organized by navy, white, navy and white stripes and anchors. Seriously. Button down with vintage gold anchor buttons? check. Shirt dress with a giant anchor printed on? check. Thirty five navy and white stripe tops?  Gold rope sandals?  Pretty much anything that should belong to a sea captain? (better; a sea captain's fabulous wife?) check. check. cheeeeck. Ok, now that that's out of the way........ you have to admit there's something so timeless and elegant about nautical style.

 Adorable striped straw tote. Guess how much?  

 You can def put together some cute things dirt cheap from f21. Especially if you're not really a nautical type gal and you just want to try it out. I think the belt was like 6 bucks and the tunic maybe 10.   Ok, enough of the cheap shit. Onto Anthropologie, the store i HATE to love... which just so happens to be on board (eek that was bad) with the nautical trend. Anchors away dress in yellow($148), curls and coils rope necklace($42), and crow's nest top($68) are a couple of my favorites.  How cute would that top be with some navy shorts and gold sandals? So, about the piece of rope for forty two dollars. My friend C wore this to my sister's nautical themed wedding rehearsal dinner with a navy dress. At first I wasn't really sure why anyone would pay 42 dollars for a piece of rope. I saw this maybe with a smidge of jealousy, as i picked it up in the store and though maybe since it's just rope, i can afford this. Nope. Alas, it grew on me, and C was forgiven.

These are just a couple of examples -- nautical stuff is literally EVERYWHERE. You can really find it at any price point. More to follow later... B is home and ansty for me to get away from the computer. xo S