Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Boots

In my world, thanks to my inheritance of my dad's beefcake legs, there are several trends that I unfortunately can not participate in.  One being rompers. Another: calf height boots.  Which I conveniently forgot about as I tried on pair after pair of lace-up, distressed, otherwise perfect dream boots this weekend.   Of course, there were ten variations of calf boots, and one ugly ass pair of knee boots. Typical. I am dying for a pair of lace-up, brown leather boots. Kind of like an equestrian boot mixed with a combat boot.  Low heeled, something that would look good with dresses and tights. 
Something like these:  Born Crown "Gilmore"   about $250


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Holy Goodness, Happy Birthday To Me.

First may I say, B is a really good man. I mean really. REALLY good. All caps. Not only does he actually want to marry me(!) ((he's crazy, i know))BUT -- he also got me some special cupcakes for my birthday.  There is this tiny bakery, in a flower nursery, on the side of the road in Encinitas.  And let me tell you, this girl knows what she's doing.  Normally, I go into a cupcake shop, and get thoroughly disgusted. Ughh lard icing, poorly chosen icing tips, GARBAGE. Garbage I tell you.  But this place is different.  The girl who owns it is in always there, with a cute apron and bandanna, baking perfect little confections that even the most particular baker would aprove of.  No lard here. Real butter, real vanilla, real delicious.  What really gets me??!! Check out the detail in these tasty gems! The buttercream roses. Holy smokes. I'm in love.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Covet, Covet

Stumbled upon this Le Creuset Heart Dish  on  For 150$. Soooo, sooo tempting.  This piece alone makes me want to have a red & heart themed kitchen. Ha, poor B.... maybe I should let him pick which theme we will go with. Here are your choices dear: pink cupcake pastel girly polka dot kitchen OR red hearts valentine explosion kitchen. 

*p.s. Le Creuset is asking people to send in stories & photos sharing their favorite memories involving their cookware. You could win a piece of their cookware or the big prize of $5,000!! 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Random Cute Things...

 Baby Fruits & Veggies.
Today has been monstrously depressing. Sometimes sundays do that to me. Especially when its cold and gray outside and your computer is a dinosaur and you feel uninspired to do anything except watch reruns of law and order SVU all day. pathetic. These just caught my eye and made me smile, so i thought i'd share.  They are little organic cotton baby toys you can get from under the nile for around $7.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I know someone who needs a white dress.................

Lets play pretend wedding. (Agaaaaain??) Yes, again. Imagine if you were getting married in just a couple months and you still needed to find a dress for your rehearsal dinner. Now for the fun part; imagine if you had no budget. You would, of course, have no problem finding the perfect dress if that were the case, right? I already found mine, even found the shoes to go with. And really, is $8,100 to much for the night before the biggest night of your life? Really? Oh gah, can you imagine being able to drop close to 10 grand on a dress for dinner? I forget sometimes why I don't look at some of the better sites out there for online shopping: because i love and want everything~!! Covet, covet. Dress & shoes by Lanvin.

Now onto some (slightly) more wallet friendly choices.

"Woman in White" dress; $64

Short Lace Dress; Mango $175

Feather-trim Tee Dress, DvF $325

Cotton Halter Dress, DvF $365

Of course, you know I love the white dress/gold shoe combo so here are some of my favorite shoe pics at every price point:

Dolce Vita Niko Wedge in Gold; $180

Steve Madden Riviera Sandal $70

Pierre Dumas Peggy Sandal; $25

Sooooo loves what do you think? Which is your favorite?

P.S.~ there are a couple of really cute dresses at J Crew, 
but I can't get their pictures onto my blog.. soooo here's the links:

Friday, April 23, 2010

WTH?!! Clogs are Back!?!

Seriously folks. Clogs? I hate clogs. And no, not just bc of the horrific crocs trend. I just think clogs are one of the most unfortunate types of footwear available. Unless you're a milkmaid or a clown. Or they are slippers. Alas,  according to Louis Vuitton and Chanel runways, clogs are back in a major way. Gag me. Im sure this will be just like the rompers. I try and try to avoid it but it sneaks up on me and my better judgement. But really. Clogs. When I think clogs I think of my senior year in HS, and these God-awful grey wool Rocket Dog platform clogs that were all the rage. So disgusting. I am thoroughly embarassed that I owned these, not to mention wore them on the daily. Ughh. Moving on........... to the clogs that I must admit are far more stylish and somewhat..... adorable?!? Well at least I can stomach the clogs with peep toes. Oh gahh. Hmphhh. Not too sure. You decide.

 These are the same shoes, right?  Well thses Cynthia Vincent clogs are $350 at, and $199 at on sale. Umm... doesn't everyone know that Free People & Anthro are the same company? Clearly the younger set of clog-loving fashionistas are still buying the hideous footwear at full price. So what have we learned here? Check both sites for an item you love dolls. 

Another exciting tidbit to look forward to: 
Cynthia Vincent for Target!!! Supercute & Supercheap!

$30 each pair,

Ok, ok. Back to the main subject: Clogs. 

And the real deal:
GAAAAAAAG! People love this! What is wrong with you!!??? 
Jeffery Campbell, $125

Steve Madden come through with a cheaper version at $99

Thursday, April 15, 2010

For the Class Act Headed to Vegas

So I hear through the grape vine you lovely ladies are planning a trip to Vegas. What a great excuse to by trashy clothes!!! When headed to Fabulous Las Vegas, you will need the three essentials: Animal Prints, Lace & Sequins. Oh, and hooker heels. How could I forget?! You might ask, "but S, how could i wear these God-awful get ups without looking like a complete skank??!!" And I would say, "How couldn't you?" it's Vegas. Really who gives a hoot. For real y'all. Wear something cheetah print, you wild women! You know you want to. Everything in this post is from Forever, most of it is sale so it'll probably be gone quick! 


Sequin Cheetah Dress $20, Blue Cheetah Dress $28, Sequin Spots Tank  $12,  
Satin Skirt $10, Cage Heels $29

 Lace Sleeve Dress $15, Clutch $13
Tee $10, Booties $28

(*side note: metallics, glitter, beading,& rhinestones are also acceptable)

 How about some gold? Why not over do it??? 
Sequin Stripe Tank;  $5 Urban Outfitters
Gold & Navy Skirt; $29 Forever 12x12
Navy Lace-Up Booties; $15 Forever

Tank $25, Tee $19, Skirt $12, Purse $9, Crop Top $10
*ummm Vegas MUST HAVE* Viper Sandals $50, DSW

Ok, and finally, for the B2B... who MUST stand out from the crowd:

Veil Headband $10, Dress $28, Booties $15