Sunday, May 16, 2010

Random Cute Things...

 Baby Fruits & Veggies.
Today has been monstrously depressing. Sometimes sundays do that to me. Especially when its cold and gray outside and your computer is a dinosaur and you feel uninspired to do anything except watch reruns of law and order SVU all day. pathetic. These just caught my eye and made me smile, so i thought i'd share.  They are little organic cotton baby toys you can get from under the nile for around $7.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I know someone who needs a white dress.................

Lets play pretend wedding. (Agaaaaain??) Yes, again. Imagine if you were getting married in just a couple months and you still needed to find a dress for your rehearsal dinner. Now for the fun part; imagine if you had no budget. You would, of course, have no problem finding the perfect dress if that were the case, right? I already found mine, even found the shoes to go with. And really, is $8,100 to much for the night before the biggest night of your life? Really? Oh gah, can you imagine being able to drop close to 10 grand on a dress for dinner? I forget sometimes why I don't look at some of the better sites out there for online shopping: because i love and want everything~!! Covet, covet. Dress & shoes by Lanvin.

Now onto some (slightly) more wallet friendly choices.

"Woman in White" dress; $64

Short Lace Dress; Mango $175

Feather-trim Tee Dress, DvF $325

Cotton Halter Dress, DvF $365

Of course, you know I love the white dress/gold shoe combo so here are some of my favorite shoe pics at every price point:

Dolce Vita Niko Wedge in Gold; $180

Steve Madden Riviera Sandal $70

Pierre Dumas Peggy Sandal; $25

Sooooo loves what do you think? Which is your favorite?

P.S.~ there are a couple of really cute dresses at J Crew, 
but I can't get their pictures onto my blog.. soooo here's the links: