Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Boots

In my world, thanks to my inheritance of my dad's beefcake legs, there are several trends that I unfortunately can not participate in.  One being rompers. Another: calf height boots.  Which I conveniently forgot about as I tried on pair after pair of lace-up, distressed, otherwise perfect dream boots this weekend.   Of course, there were ten variations of calf boots, and one ugly ass pair of knee boots. Typical. I am dying for a pair of lace-up, brown leather boots. Kind of like an equestrian boot mixed with a combat boot.  Low heeled, something that would look good with dresses and tights. 
Something like these:  Born Crown "Gilmore"   about $250


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Holy Goodness, Happy Birthday To Me.

First may I say, B is a really good man. I mean really. REALLY good. All caps. Not only does he actually want to marry me(!) ((he's crazy, i know))BUT -- he also got me some special cupcakes for my birthday.  There is this tiny bakery, in a flower nursery, on the side of the road in Encinitas.  And let me tell you, this girl knows what she's doing.  Normally, I go into a cupcake shop, and get thoroughly disgusted. Ughh lard icing, poorly chosen icing tips, GARBAGE. Garbage I tell you.  But this place is different.  The girl who owns it is in always there, with a cute apron and bandanna, baking perfect little confections that even the most particular baker would aprove of.  No lard here. Real butter, real vanilla, real delicious.  What really gets me??!! Check out the detail in these tasty gems! The buttercream roses. Holy smokes. I'm in love.