Friday, April 23, 2010

WTH?!! Clogs are Back!?!

Seriously folks. Clogs? I hate clogs. And no, not just bc of the horrific crocs trend. I just think clogs are one of the most unfortunate types of footwear available. Unless you're a milkmaid or a clown. Or they are slippers. Alas,  according to Louis Vuitton and Chanel runways, clogs are back in a major way. Gag me. Im sure this will be just like the rompers. I try and try to avoid it but it sneaks up on me and my better judgement. But really. Clogs. When I think clogs I think of my senior year in HS, and these God-awful grey wool Rocket Dog platform clogs that were all the rage. So disgusting. I am thoroughly embarassed that I owned these, not to mention wore them on the daily. Ughh. Moving on........... to the clogs that I must admit are far more stylish and somewhat..... adorable?!? Well at least I can stomach the clogs with peep toes. Oh gahh. Hmphhh. Not too sure. You decide.

 These are the same shoes, right?  Well thses Cynthia Vincent clogs are $350 at, and $199 at on sale. Umm... doesn't everyone know that Free People & Anthro are the same company? Clearly the younger set of clog-loving fashionistas are still buying the hideous footwear at full price. So what have we learned here? Check both sites for an item you love dolls. 

Another exciting tidbit to look forward to: 
Cynthia Vincent for Target!!! Supercute & Supercheap!

$30 each pair,

Ok, ok. Back to the main subject: Clogs. 

And the real deal:
GAAAAAAAG! People love this! What is wrong with you!!??? 
Jeffery Campbell, $125

Steve Madden come through with a cheaper version at $99

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