Thursday, April 15, 2010

For the Class Act Headed to Vegas

So I hear through the grape vine you lovely ladies are planning a trip to Vegas. What a great excuse to by trashy clothes!!! When headed to Fabulous Las Vegas, you will need the three essentials: Animal Prints, Lace & Sequins. Oh, and hooker heels. How could I forget?! You might ask, "but S, how could i wear these God-awful get ups without looking like a complete skank??!!" And I would say, "How couldn't you?" it's Vegas. Really who gives a hoot. For real y'all. Wear something cheetah print, you wild women! You know you want to. Everything in this post is from Forever, most of it is sale so it'll probably be gone quick! 


Sequin Cheetah Dress $20, Blue Cheetah Dress $28, Sequin Spots Tank  $12,  
Satin Skirt $10, Cage Heels $29

 Lace Sleeve Dress $15, Clutch $13
Tee $10, Booties $28

(*side note: metallics, glitter, beading,& rhinestones are also acceptable)

 How about some gold? Why not over do it??? 
Sequin Stripe Tank;  $5 Urban Outfitters
Gold & Navy Skirt; $29 Forever 12x12
Navy Lace-Up Booties; $15 Forever

Tank $25, Tee $19, Skirt $12, Purse $9, Crop Top $10
*ummm Vegas MUST HAVE* Viper Sandals $50, DSW

Ok, and finally, for the B2B... who MUST stand out from the crowd:

Veil Headband $10, Dress $28, Booties $15

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  1. Love it! I'm going to try it on this weekend! Maybe I can get a pink wig to match? Or perhaps you'd advise against that? I'm going to pick up an animal print for Mary while I'm there! XOXO