Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chick Chic

our frikin dinosaur of a computer was failing massively this morning so today's blog is a little late.... and i want you to know i am writing this whilst drinking a pbr, b/c thats the kind of day i had, and times are tough, and sometimes, you just need a drink.  holidays are tough on me and also B brings out my inner redneck. so. there. i said it. moving on...... i love those little yellow chicks that are everywhere around this time of year... therefore todays fashion notes are chick themed.

So my dears if you need to add a quick dose of yellow to your wardrobe i's suggest you hit up old navy. I found a bunch of cute stuff there for super cheap PLUS if you join their emial list you can usually get an extra 15-20 percent off online. So lets go shop old navy... 

Dress 29.50, Flops 3.50, Tank 7.50

This cute little top is so cheap chic. I can see it with cute shorts and t-strap sandals and a nice big chunky turquoise necklace. And for how much it is who cares if you only wear it once!  Seniorita top: 9.50

The perfect yellow and orange combo in an up-to-date tribalish print. Dress:  $50

And the splurge, the best and most classic yellow avaiable to us: hunter rainboots.Btw, who remembers these umbrellas?? Gotta fine a yellow one, I'm pretty sure  I saw one at the grocery store, in NC. Oh well. I'll find you my pretty. The boots are a splurge for $115 from Bloomingdales. Plus yogurt so that makes them about $125. hmmm. i will have to look into this further. Ciao for now my sweets. xo S

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