Friday, April 9, 2010

Mix & Match Bikinis

Best way to get the most out of your bikini is to get one or two good bottoms that dont make you feel fat and then get a bunch of tops so you can interchange them.  I hate trying on bathing suits. Dread it. Something about the lighting.... I don't know. Even if I am otherwise feeling non fat and I go try on swimwear I leave feeling like a whale.  Some tips and tricks about bathing suit shopping:

1. Thick, side-tie bottoms are undoubtedly the most flattering. Also the hardest to find. Figures.
2. The ruched, banded bottoms are second most flattering and way easier to find.
3. Ruffles on top do wonders for flat chested girls.
4. Ruffled skirts are for little girls, not adults. Doesn't matter how cute you think you are, get over yourself.
5. Unless you are perfect, you are probably going to want to go somewhere you can get separates. 

Both Bikinis from Anthro; about $78 each piece.  Ruffle Bandeau $16.50 from Old Navy.

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