Thursday, April 8, 2010

Long Dress Overkill?

 Cheap: San Miguel Dress; Ruche $50

On the other end of the spectrum from the mini romper, there is my alltime fav, the long dress. Although I hate that it's called a "maxi dress". Sounds like a frikin maxi pad and thats just too horrible to even think about. Ok, so we all know that long dresses are super flattering and versatile.  They are so easy to find now and on the verge of being over done, so, if you are going to wear one this summer, you better find one in a flattering style and a print that not every skank at the jersey shore is going to scoop up from forever 21.  

Cheaper: $35 Old Navy (in stores, not online)


CHEAPEST:  "Fab Find" Dresses $15 each at Forever 21. 
These dresses have a lot going for them. I show them in colors bc its easier to see -- but they do also come in black. Accessorized the right way these under 20 gems can look like a million bucks. I think the coral dress would look really cool with  a huge chunky turquoise necklace. Or if turquoise is too flashy for you, black jewelry would look good too.  

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