Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let the Wild Romper Rompus Begin!!


Just to be clear, this spring is the first time I really wished I could wear a romper. eeeeeeeek!! I know,  i know... chances are I have made fun of you for wearing one, but I keep finding these adorable little things that look so great hanging there, and i think to myself, maybe, this one will be flattering bc it's loose, or blousy. but no. The only person I know who can look cute in a romper (besides baby F) is my sister MM. Perhaps it's because she is minuscule and has tiny little legs, I don't know. I think maybe just miniture people in general look better in rompers? All I know is every time I have tried one on I am hugely disappointed. So skinny minnies, these few are for you, and if by chance any fatties like me find one that looks cute on, email me asap....

 Ruffled Romper, $49 Arden B. 
Floral/Denim Romper (which inspired this post and is so flippin cute just not on me) Wetseal $22.50
Button-up Denim Romper F21 $22.50

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  1. Ohh look who is changing their mind about the romper. You better bet mine is coming out this summer!!