Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Lily Pullitzer's & NC frat boys fav holiday!  I was just thinking about my Easters past and i just realized how fd up it is that my sisters and i used to get chocolate babies in our Easter baskets. Yep. Chocolate babies. (mom was friends with the chocolate shop owner)  Another sick tradition in our house was "the Easter bunny" leaving cocoa puffs all over the house while he was hiding the eggs. Charming. Now, our baskets were filled with delicious hand made candy from the Third Avenue Chocolate Shop in Spring Lake and lost of pretty little toys,  BUT the real treat was going to aunt k & grams for eggs goldenrod on white bread toast with butter and all of the crap candy we could handle. i'm talking whole coconut or peanut butter eggs (the big ones) handfuls of m&ms, reeses cups, snickers, and whatever other garbage we could stuff ourselves with. did i mention the white bread?

I think that white eyelet definitly screams "Easter!!" or at least spring so lets go with that today.

Eyelet mini dress $195 Bloomindales. Eyelet Scalloped dress Calypso $165 Skirt Anthro $168 Top F21 $20

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