Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DuCk UmbreLLa Update.

I guess I became dangerously obsessed with the duck umbrella after mentioning it a couple days ago. Ang guess what my dears!?!?! It was raining today and I was obsessing all over town and I found them!!! The Seaside Market has them near the door and they are 6.49 and come in all colors. HALLELUJAH!!!!! 6.49!! Steal.  QUACK QUACK!!!

Speaking of umbrellas.... my sister G has a fabulous umbrella that she received for her last birthday. I wish I still had a picture of her smiling face with the best birthday gift she ever got, but, I don't. You can imagine. I'm not sure if this is the exact one, but it's a close match.  What girl doesn't want a $40 umbrella??
Onward with cute raingear for cheap. I have owned several pairs of rainboots and never wore them, not once. But I have seen girls out and about looking so chic in their boots and trenches. (Jessica from What I Wore is a great example) Nothing beats the classic yellow, but I did see some frikin adorable liberty print rain boots at target.  That whole line is pretty cute, but I think I'll wait til it goes on sale. 

So adorable trenches at every price point? (ie: cheap, cheaper, cheapest)You got it:

 Cheap. Old Navy $50
 Cheaper. Forever21 $32

My own trench (and i think the most cute) $15 (clearance) from TJMaxx. A total score. On that note, if you can handle the searching, TJ Maxx and Mrashalls are worth the trip if you have seen something that you are coveting but can't afford. I can almost always find the same look for a hell of a lot less there. xo S 

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