Thursday, April 1, 2010

"...sometimes I dream of a place in France,...."

"...or maybe it's Ohio.....where people live in big houses with peeling white paint and grow herbs in the backyard next to the swing set.”

  Mom ripped that quote out from one of her house magazines and eventually had me paint it in on the wall of her dining room years later.  Thanks to my her, I have always idealized this big old farmhouse in the middle of a great green nowhere, lots of trees and tons of flowers and little kids running around barefoot in dresses. Maybe some chickens too.  The house with shining, dark hardwood floors, white furniture, breezy curtains and galvanized buckets of flowers in every room.  Sometimes I go to this dream house of mine and walk through the rooms she would tear out of her magazines, breathing in the warm fresh air and running my hands over the crisp white cotton everything.  Somewhere along the way I wondered how she knew that was everything I've ever wanted......

Onward with farmhouse inspired outfits. How about this frikin adorable bicycle pendant???  It really has about ummm.... nothing to do with farmhouse style, but I love it. I want to ride it away into the sunset with flowers  and a baguette in the basket......anyway.

Things & joys dress ($128)  and ruffled cardigan ($98) from Anthropologie
Provincetown dress ($55) Modcloth.

All of the floral dittys above are from Modcloth as well. (boots $122, tunic $45, dress $48, , necklace $28) AND THEN!!
I was perusing some other sites and cane across this fabulous little site: Ruche
Friends, they have much of the same product as Modcloth, and, gasps, CHEAPER. (by at least ten bucks) so yeah, thanks for the inspiration Modcloth,but you have been bumped from first class.

Everything in the above group can be found online at Ruche. Clockwise from the top: "a straw hat for Huck's girl"($32), victorian floral button-up ($25), parchment perfection top ($55), mariachi ensemble caridgan ($55) lemonade & freckles dress yes this is the same dress modcloth has for 48 ($37!) xo S

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