Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Small Obsession: Leopard Manicure

I have been obsessing over leopard print nails for about a month. I'm not really sure why, leopard print has never really been my thing.... but I am dying to have a metallic pink & purple cheetah manicure.  I couldn't find a picture of the exact colors I want, but I am just loving all of these anyway.  Not sure how I'll do it, since the one time in the past year I got my nails done the girl told me she couldn't do leopard it takes to long.  I'll find a way. BTW, did yall even realize how many people out there blog about nail polish? NAIL POLISH?! It's like a whole new universe. And I was thinking I had too much time on my hands.....Scarrrry. 
I love this one with the little "POW" on it. Would be better on the middle finger, no? Actually I guess thats her ring finger. So yes, friends,  I am definitly getting this manicure the day I get engaged. Mark my words.
This is closer to what I want... gotta love the sequin backdrop for this classy lady. 

I've been searching for a kit or stencil to do this with and the only ones I've come up with are super expensive, wtf? Isn't nail art something that little girls like to play? So if you find something let me know!! 
xo S

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