Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, H.C.A!

In honor of Hans Christian Andersen's birthday I thought we'd have a fairytale brunch. Andersen's fairy tales were definitly favs amongst my sisters and I. Who didn't love the story of the Princess and the Pea?!? I wonder how many injuries we sustained whilst piling every couch cushion in the house into a stack to see if we could feel the pea to find out who the real princess of the family was. And then Thumbelina.  Gah, I frikin loved thumbelina, that lucky little bitch! She could sleep in a walnut shell, sailed on lily pads and got to play with fairies. And we can't forget The Little Mermaid , whom  I have no sympathy for. If I were a mermaid princess, which I'm pretty sure I was in another life, I would never want to leave the ocean kingdom. "wouldn't you think i'm the girl who has everything?" well, yeah sweetheart, you do so stop being so flippin greedy. what a spoiled brat.

Anywho, the gangs all here, and I think Tracy Reese and Rebecca Taylor are fighting over who gets to be the costume designer.  Dress, Luphia (about 42$)


Lace Dress $28, Floral Dress $15, Tea Dress $15...


And lets add some fairy tale accessories to complete the look: 

Earings all at Forever  $4, $7 &$6...

And of course, a couple of wishlist items from you know where.....
Binu's Necklace $58, Sparkle Hair Pins $15, Rising Battenberg Dress $288,   Wind Catcher Dress $168.

Now go and  be pretty and wear something that reminds everyone of your favorite fairytale!! xo S

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